Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Talking with a therapist helps many people improve their well-being and health by finding practical solutions to problems. Often, people seek therapy on the advice of a physician or a loved one. Some people are interested in learning how to prevent everyday troubles from becoming serious problems. Frequently, it is an overwhelming life crisis that may cause a person to seek help from a therapist.

Common issues addressed in counseling: depression, anxiety, divorce adjustment, self-esteem, grief, life transition, caregiver stress, postpartum depression, infertility, relationship stress involving girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/sibling/co-worker/parent/in-laws, etc.

Telehealth Online Therapy

Internet based, online counseling isn’t new and has been around for over a decade now. Long enough that we’re already learning from a body of research that it can be just as effective as counseling with a therapist in person. People have used it thru the quarantine to stay safe and continue to use it. Often after a first time online counseling session we hear – ‘that’s a lot more like meeting at your office than I thought it would be.’ Meeting at the office is always an option too and some of our clients do both to take advantage of the flexibility it offers. The process of scheduling the online counseling appointment is the same as it is for scheduling a session to meet with a counselor at our office. Once you do, you simply receive a link, click on it to set up your camera and mic and your counselor will be online to meet with you. Use whatever device is convenient for you – a computer, phone or tablet.

Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy

All couples experience conflict. However, the highest predictor of relationship success is HOW a couple manages that conflict. Marriage counseling helps couples identify the ineffective behavioral patterns that are getting in the way of conflict resolution and teaches couples healthier conflict resolution skills.

Pre-marital counseling is an under-utilized prevention/education tool for those seeking long term marital success. We highly recommend all couples considering marriage to attend counseling to gain the necessary tools and knowledge for marital success.


These testing inventories are available for couples preparing for marriage, or couples seeking to enrich and revitalize their marriage or couples contemplating the changes related to retirement-planning. Assessment tools are helpful in focusing couples on establishing common goals for treatment.

Common issues couples bring to marriage counseling: chronic conflict about money, in-laws, parenting, intimacy; affairs, addictions, step-parenting, empty nest adjustment, loss of meaning or connection, etc.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent counseling includes individual counseling and family work. Parenting an adolescent is difficult and often parents need guidance on how to help their child manage the stress and pressure they face; and even more often, parents need help communicating with their child who has become resistant to their leadership. Therapy begins with engaging your adolescent in the process of counseling and then works to establish healthy communication and problem solving between you and your adolescent.

A full mental health evaluation is done to rule out any significant issues, such as: depression, performance or school anxiety, school avoidance, self-injurious behavior, adjustment to divorce/new marriage, self-esteem, social pressure, drug/alcohol use.

Adolescent Group Therapy

Teenagers place a value on peer relationship over most other relationships in their lives as they develop their individual identities. Group therapy is a way to help adolescents address issues they might otherwise find difficult to discuss with adults, while also creating a safe environment within the group, lead by a licensed counselor, that fosters peer relationships & growth. If your teenager is struggling with anxiety, depression, social issues, or has recently experienced loss or change; they can benefit from group therapy. This type of treatment is very effective in treating various problems and providing the coping skills needed.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy can involve teens and their parents, step-families attempting to join together from a new family, adults and their parents, adult siblings, a married couple and their parents… Family Therapy is emotionally intense but can be very therapeutic to healing old wounds and preventing future bitterness and resentment. When damage is done in a family relationship, it seems easier to “cut-off” from the relationship and move on without that person in your life. However, research and personal experience show that the relationship usually haunts you for the rest of your life. A “cut-off” should always be the last option in dealing with a difficult family member. Engaging in therapy may at the least, help you say, “I tried”.