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Online counseling
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No matter the distance, we’re always here for you.

Internet based, online counseling isn’t new and has been around for over a decade now. Long enough that we’re already learning from a body of research that, it can be just as effective as counseling with a therapist in person. People have used it thru quarantine to stay safe – and continue to use it. Often after a first-time online counseling session we hear, ‘that’s a lot more like meeting at your office than I expected.’

Meeting at the office is always an option too and some of our clients do both and take advantage of the flexibility it offers. The process of scheduling the online counseling session is the same as it is for scheduling a therapy session to meet with your counselor at our office. Once you schedule the session you receive a link in your email, click on it to set up your camera and mic – and your counselor will be online to meet with you. Choose your – computer, phone or tablet.

Why use Telehealth?

Accessibility – online counseling is easily accessible for anyone who wants to use it and allows you to see the therapist you want to see regardless of the distance from your location.

Convenience – counseling online is a click away and eliminates the hassle of scheduling a time that also includes travel time to another location to meet with your counselor.

Effectiveness – online therapy is relatively new and there are already studies that show it can be just as effective as face to face counseling.

Location – online therapy can be done from a location that works best for you. Whether you are traveling, going back to college after break, relocate or just choose to do your counseling online from work or home.

Security – St. Charles Counseling uses HIPPA compliant, encrypted, secure telehealth software to ensure your confidentially.

Privacy – St. Charles Counseling research and selected an online counseling platform that was specifically designed to be utilized by health care providers, not the mainstream, to help ensure that client confidentiality and other client needs were part of the development and software design.

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