Nancy Kuhn

M.A., LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

What is my approach to therapy and my clients?

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery, and hopefully an end to feeling alone in your struggles! I remember feeling so alone before I began my own therapy process. It can be a scary place when you’ve reached a need for help. I try to help my clients experience a sense of support, understanding, and relief after their first meeting with me.
My therapeutic approach embodies Person-Centered Therapy, founded by Carl Rogers, “IFS” (Internal Family Systems), Sue Johnson’s “EFT and EFIT” (Emotionally Focused Couples and Family Therapy and Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy), John Gottman’s 7 principles for Making Marriage Work, Terry Real’s Relational Life therapy approach and Tony Robbins’ practical psychology principles for living fully into who we are meant to be.

I’m often asked “how do you deal with the heaviness of your job?”. The truth is, I love my work! The two ingredients that help me thrive in my work is love of learning and love for my clients.

Every client has a unique story and struggle to share, and it’s my duty to help them feel safe, understood, and guided. I do my best to help by learning new approaches and working on understanding my own limitations.

Schedule today, and I’ll let you know if I can help!

One thing to keep in mind, I’ve been in practice for a long time and have thousands of clients who seek me out when the need arises. So it might be a few weeks or months before I can see you. In that case, I suggest you start with one of my associates in our practice. I supervise all of our staff, and if needed, can sit in on sessions with them to give guidance if you feel stuck in your process.

Remember, you are not alone and we can help!

“The two ingredients that help me thrive in my work is love of learning and love for my clients.”

Nancy Kuhn

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