Katelyn Lukensmeyer

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

What is my approach to therapy and my clients?

I am Katie and I have been in clinical practice since 2012. My approach to therapy begins with where the client is at. I typically begin by asking each client a series of questions that relate to every day life and ongoing struggles. Over the course of 3 sessions, I ask for information that includes childhood history, family of origin and potential childhood traumas.

I believe it’s essential to treat the whole person which includes your life experience versus just the client sitting in front of me at that time. Throughout following sessions, I utilize psychoeducation, activities, and homework, allow of which are effect to continue moving forward in your therapy process with me. Sessions are tailored to the individual/couple.
If homework is something you struggle with, I can do more of that work with you in session as an alternative to ensure progress. I specialize in trauma, personality disorders, abuse, and neurodivergences.

With couples, I find it is important to give both people in the relationship space and offer guidance rather and help my couples to steer clear of unconstructive criticisms. As adults, we carry a lot of issues from our past with us into today. It is my job to help find what you are carrying and sort through that baggage in a healthy way, and have what’s happened to us in our past – affect us less today.

It’s a huge accomplishment to make that first phone call to meet with a therapist and that will be celebrated in my office. Not only this initial accomplishment, but all victories in the future as well.

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That is perfectly fine! This is a common response when people are feeling stuck in their lives or feel as though something may be missing. We will work on gaining clarity of your life’s purpose through guided action plans and ongoing support. Find purpose in ones life is important to driving therapy. This can allow clients to identify goals that have meaning to them as the individual rather than myself as the therapist. I will also help you sort through your priorities and find the meaning I speak of.

I believe my clients are often happy with the freedom they feel within our sessions. I’m able to normalize what it means to be human and connect with them during their most vulnerable moments. I also find an appropriate amount of humor to be helpful as well. In order to break through barriers, I find it is helpful to be authentic and true in nature. Humor can lighten the mood, but I am also careful to use this appropriately as well. My clients often feel lighter when they are able to feel like the weight of the world is not on their shoulders alone.

“I believe it’s essential to treat the whole person which includes your life experience versus just the client sitting in front of me at that time.”

Katelyn Lukensmeyer

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