Family Therapy

Family therapy, or family counseling, addresses specific issues that can create struggle or even harm the health of the family.

Most families can improve their family level of functioning through family therapy when going through a stressful time or dealing with challenging issues. Issues can impact relationships within the family structure. Some of these difficult issues can include major life transitions, divorce, the death of a loved one, conflict, financial hardship or developmental transitions such as the onset of adolescents.

Sometimes there can debilitating consequences to a family when one or more of the family members are experiencing mental health issues. Therapy doesn’t have to be reserved for use only once a family reaches a crisis point. It’s an effective tool to maintain your family’s health proactively and can actually be effective for avoiding family crisis in well in advance. Some mental health issues that may impact the family include, substance abuse, depression, some form of chronic illness and academic or behavioral problems. Other times it can be something as common as major life stress like a move or a job change that leads to anxiety and tension within a family setting.

Uncompromising Family Therapy in St. Charles and the surrounding Fox Valley area.

St Charles Counseling provides excellent family therapy & counseling that promotes a deeper understanding and enhances communication between family members. It can allow them to solve or more effectively cope with some of the aforementioned mental health issues and behavioral problems that individuals in families might experience. As a family discovers the source of their problem(s), they can shift their focus to the solutions.

Don’t wait for your family’s problems to sort themselves out. Be proactive and help your family continue to grow and move forward today. Call 630-377-5105 today or fill out a contact form and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment with you.