Crystal Villegas

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor



What is my approach to therapy and my clients?

I approach the first few therapy sessions with a client by focusing on establishing rapport and getting a clear understanding of where the client is at. Through motivational interviewing and active listening, I can gain a deeper understanding of what brings the client to therapy and use this information to build a treatment plan. The approaches and interventions that I apply throughout the therapy process are based on the information gathered in the initial sessions, and what I feel may be the most beneficial to each client. Some of the approaches I take are, but not limited to: client centered approach, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems approach, solution focused approach, mindfulness interventions, and psychoeducation. Additionally, I encourage my clients to play an active role in their treatment, and openly ask for their input and feedback throughout the process. I strongly believe that this can lead to greater success with achieving goals.

I approach my clients with a nonjudgmental and compassionate mindset. Having been through therapy myself in the past, I understand that therapy is a huge step to take, and some may be nervous about getting started. My goal is to help each client feel at ease, secure and understood.

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I navigate my sessions the same way for both English speaking and Spanish speaking clients.  I can easily communicate in either or both languages together (Spanglish 😊), depending on what is most comfortable for the client.

I am not licensed to prescribe medications to clients.  However, I’m able to provide resources and referrals to help connect you to psychiatric/medication services.  Although I cannot answer specific questions regarding psychiatric/medication services, I am happy to help clients process their thoughts or feelings about these services to assist in making the best health decision that will benefit them the most.

I have worked with clients ages 5 and up.  In the beginning of my career, I worked more closely with children and adolescents and before transitioning my way to adults.  Currently, I work with clients ages 14 and up.

“My goal is to help each client feel at ease, secure and understood.”

Crystal Villegas

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